Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre Jinja (PCJ) was established in 1989 for the training and empowerment of missionary students from various religious and missionary institutes. Though the primary purpose of the PCJ is the academic formation of the students, it also aims at the holistic formation of its members in collaboration with the various religious communities that are sending their students for the study of Bachelor of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Social Sciences.

The PCJ is owned and managed by a Consortium of religious/missionary Institutes working in Uganda and neighbouring countries. The member Institutes of this Consortium are the Missionaries of Africa, the Mill Hill Missionaries, the Congregation of Holy Cross, the Comboni Missionaries and the Claretian Missionaries. There are also other missionary Institutes of both men and women who send their students to the PCJ. The Member Institutes and the other co-members are obliged to support the running of the PCJ by providing lecturers and administrative staff. The Consortium directs the functioning of the PCJ through a Board of Governors which in turn guides the PCJ through the Management Board, the Rector and other structures of offices. The Formation Council and the Staff Council play an important role
We are privileged to have qualified and dedicated priests, religious and lay people from different parts of the world to teach and to organize programmes in this Institution. The students are also from various countries in Africa. This multinational and multicultural nature of the PCJ is indeed an enriching experience for anyone who comes here for studies. Together with academic excellence we aim at imparting core Christian and religious values to the students. The founding members of the PCJ want this Institute to respond to the challenges of educating its students in a manner which respects and incorporates the contemporary African situation and its cultural heritage. Let us work together with greater dedication and enthusiasm so that we many achieve the purpose for which this Philosophy Centre has been established in this part of the world. Mary, Queen of Apostles, Pray for us.
Fr. George Nedumattam, CMF