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The Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus/Missionari Comboniani Cordis Jesu (MCCJ) are a religious missionary congregation that lives the legacy of St. Daniel Comboni to carry the Gospel to the poorest and most abandoned. They have communities in all the continents apart from Australia. These communities are divided into provinces and delegations. The formation journey (postulancy) of candidates starts in their respective home provinces. Afterwards they join other candidates in the inter-provincial novitiates (Namugongo, Lusaka, Cotonou, Kinshasa and Santarem). The theological studies are done in international theological centres in Italy, Peru, Brazil, DRC, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana. After theology the candidates go for their missionary experiences before the perpetual profession and Holy Orders.

To the Comboni Family belong also the Comboni Missionary Sisters and Lay Comboni Missionaries who are mainly with us the Comboni Missionaries (MCCJ fathers and brothers) in the mission. We feel ourselves sent from the Heart of the Good Shepherd to go into the heart of the world and be witnesses of the Gospel.