St Joseph Missionary Society was founded in 1866 by Cardinal Herbert Vaughan at Mill Hill, London to proclaim the Good News in foreign lands by loving and serving, especially the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized.

The Mill Hill Missionaries arrived in East Africa in 1895 and over the last 150 years, they have been involved in the building of the local church. We are disciples of Jesus Christ, commissioned by the risen and ascended Lord to be Apostles and to speak in his name to the whole world.

We belong to an apostolic fellowship of people from different continents and races united by faith and by a solemn commitment to go wherever we are sent. We believe that always and everywhere the Lord goes ahead of us, stays with us and works with us. We go out as part of the church, the visible sign in history of the universal community made possible by Christ.

We choose to be present most of all among the poor and wherever human society is fractured, and to act as channels of justice and reconciliation. True to our missionary Vocation, we are ready to leave our country and our own culture and to go wherever there is the greatest need.

As Mill Hill Missionaries we will continue on the missionary journey begun by Jesus Christ, to proclaim to the world the coming of God’s kingdom of love, truth and justice. We will follow the signs pointing to those most abandoned and in the greatest need. We will brace ourselves for whatever may come, and by God’s grace we will endure what needs to be endured, in order to bear witness among the nations to Jesus Christ.

 What we do:

  • Primary evangelization
  • Urban apostolate
  • Reverse mission
  • Small ecclesial communities
  • Justice, peace and integrity of creation
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  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Reconciliation
  • Mission animation.

Countries where we are:

Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Republic of South Sudan, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Americas: Brazil and USA.

Asia: India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Philippines.

Europe: Britain, Holland, Austria, Ireland, and Italy.

If YES, here are the basic requirements,

  • An enthusiastic catholic
  • Normally under 25 years of age on entry (although special considerations can be given to those with 3rd level degree)
  • Willing to leave your home country
  • Supported by your family
  • In good health
  • Having minimum academic requirements.

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