It is a joy and pleasure for me to share the sports life at PCJ. Very often when we talk about sports, people’s attention is channelled towards competition but sporting activities at PCJ go beyond competition. They facilitate and enhance the spirit of fraternity whose roots can be traced in the Gospel. Sports provide a platform for us to discover our hidden talents and further give opportunities for individuals to perfect and explore their talents. Sports time is usually a time of refreshment, entertainment and interaction.

The most beautiful thing about our sports here at PCJ is that we share our fraternity with the outside community.  We invite and visit other institutions for sports encounters and the purpose is not only to compete but to build strong relationships between PCJ family and the outside communities.

Our games have helped us to build healthy friendships with people we meet of which widens our capacity to accommodate others in our lives.

Every academic year, we organise inter-community leagues and the main purpose is to give room for all members to exploit their talents, awaken dormant talents and build a strong PCJ team. So far we have five main sporting activities; Athletics, football, netball, basketball and volley ball. I believe in time to come we shall have the opportunity engage in other games.

A sincere gratitude to the Administration and the formation houses for supporting the PCJ sports activities. You have always rallied behind us whenever we host and visit other institutions. May He who ordained this fraternity foster it as he rewards you in your daily endeavours.

To the student’s community; we are glad and grateful for your commitment and sacrifices for the PCJ. Congratulations for your outstanding performance at Kaliro National Teachers College and we call upon your co-operation and preparation as we plan to host another institute on 18 amy reid th here at home.

Wishing you God’s blessings and protection. Indeed PCJ you are great we salute.

Yours in service,

Okello Isaac (MI) Sports minister PCJ.

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