The launching of a PCJ Blog for our institution in the beginning of 2017 is a welcome step in this digital age. The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the first use of ‘weblog’. Historically, the term ‘blog’ was coined as a short form of ‘weblog’ and it became popular in the West in the early years of 2000. Today, many institutions, advocacy groups and business establishments use blogs for various purposes. It is fitting that we make use of this facility to share information regarding what is happening in our PCJ family.
As many of you know, a ‘blog’ is a regularly updated website which is rather informal and conversational in style. The PCJ Blog is a modern means to share information about the various activities of our institute, especially that of the students, in the form of short texts or photographs. The official website of our institution remains more formal whereas, PCJ Blog will be more informal and frequently updated. The updating of the blog will be done by a selected group of students under the guidance of Fr. Yago Abeledo M.Afr. who will act as their adviser.
I am grateful to all those who have spent their time and expertise for the creation of this blog. A long awaited dream has come true by the launching of this blog. My sincere gratitude to the members of the Students Representative Council and their collaborators for working together with Fr. Yago for bringing this dream into a reality. May the launching of this blog facilitate us to make our activities better known to the outside world and to keep our family more active and united.
Fr. George Nedumattam CMF