Shalom alehem!!

I am very happy to convey warm greetings on behalf of the entire PCJ Student”s body. I am so grateful for your cooperation and support. It is only by your support that we can serve our common home. In the light of the wisdom of the Holy Father Francis in his Encyclical letter Laudato Si, which he quotes from the second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Gaudium et spes 26, he emphasizes the relevance of our common good. This he defines as “the sum of those conditions of social life which allow social groups and their individual members a relatively thorough and ready access to their own fulfillment”. I extend my sincere appreciation to the whole family for giving the first priority to the social wellbeing. Despite the cultural diversity, every person is granted equal opportunity to feel at home.

Glory to God by whose sufficient grace we remain focused in our search for the ultimate good. He enables us to freely interact and grow in this international and intercongregational consortium. Looking way back to the official request to the Electoral Board of PCJ, I sought to serve this fraternity with humility, reverence, diligence and dignity. I continue to supplicate the supreme being for his guidance that I may always remain intently focused on these virtues.

I extend my inestimable gratitude to the PCJ administrative team, formators, teaching and the non-teaching staff plus all the family friends for your sincere love, service and cooperation with the SRC-team. We have always harmoniously worked together for the betterment of the PCJ family. Together, we have successfully met the essence of the different events such as the social evening, seminar day, cultural day, Ash Wednesday, and   Lenten recollection. The administrative team has also necessitated the growth of the PCJ family by welcoming new communities such as the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix. We now feel bigger, stronger and ready to cherish our unity in diversity, potentials and giftedness for our common good.

In the academic arena, we are only left with an individual task to yield the best expected fruits. The library is well equipped with the relevant sources for both historical and current questions of humanity. On this very platform, our formators generously contribute their parental and administrative love for our intellectual and spiritual growth. We are grateful to the lecturers who unceasingly render their service for our intellectual growth. The non teaching staff too has an invaluable and incomparable contribution towards our learning.

In the spirit of the fore fathers of the church and those who conceived the nature, aims and objectives of the PCJ family, we promise to keep the candle burning. May we readily continue to respond to Gods voice that daily cries to us through the, neglected, oppressed, victims of human trafficking and the voiceless. May we always be a worthy sacrifice to God that his mercy may continue to transform us and those around us.